Paving the way for your girls

We support and advance young girls in the game of basketball from entry to elite level. Our efforts are concentrated in San Benito County, Santa Clara County, and Monterey County.


Consider us your basketball liaison introducing you to knowledge, people, and resources that can be difficult to navigate during the early years with a focus on female ballers in 3rd-8th grade. We are not replacing teams or coaches but rather the bridge between players and these experts and/or organizations. 


Connect you with teams in your region for your players’ skill level


Host and invite elite player development coaches to gyms in your area


Provide financial support through scholarships for club team fees and/or clinics


Offer nutrition and strength and conditioning support through collaborations with local chefs and gym owners

The Girl Who Started It All

Follow Sophia's Journey

Hop on over to Sophia’s Instagram to learn more about the girl who started it all. See what she’s been up to, get helpful resources for your own girls, and take a peek at the steps Sophia’s taken to get to where she is today in the big leagues.

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About Us

Helping your girls advance their basketball journey

Since Sophia was 4 years old, we’ve been researching opportunities for her to continue growing her love for the game which led to establishing deeply rooted relationships with coaches, trainers and other players. Sometimes we made great decisions and sometimes we made not-so-great decisions but in the end, we learned some valuable lessons and discovered where the gaps in services are. We believe that sharing knowledge and pooling resources will help all of our daughters get to the next level with their basketball journey. So, if you have specific questions or simply want to know what opportunities are coming up next…then shoot us an email and be sure to follow us on social media!

Portrait Of Female High School Basketball Team Celebrating On Court

Why do we do it?

Girls need us

In the United States, a girl is two times more likely than a boy to drop out of her favorite sport by the time she's only 14 years old

We've done the hard part

We have experienced the confusion of getting a girl through her basketball seasons, and want to help share the knowledge with other parents

Keep their head in the game

By removing the barriers to access resources they need, we increase the likelihood that girls stay in the game

Clinic support

By pooling resources and assisting with booking logistics, we can host pop-up clinics in smaller cities for elite player development coaches to visit and train

Donate to Our Cause

We create opportunities for underserved children to experience the life long benefits of youth sports.

Stay Connected

Most of the info you'll need to help your daughter is regularly dispersed through social media.